GHG Emissions Coverage

State and Trends of Carbon Pricing Dashboard

The State and Trends of Carbon Pricing Dashboard is an interactive online tool aimed at policymakers, businesses, and researchers. It provides the latest information on existing and emerging direct carbon pricing initiatives around the world.
  • 12.8 GtCO2e
  • 24%
    19% ETS
    6% Carbon Tax

Share of emissions covered by income group

31%of emissions from high-income countries covered
22%middle-income countries
0% low-income countries
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Instrument Type: ETS, Carbon Tax

For each jurisdiction the main price rate (covering the largest volume of emissions in the jurisdiction) is shown, subject to any filters applied.

Prices are not directly comparable due to differences in coverage, compliance and compensation arrangements. Prices are on 1 April, or latest available prior to 1 April each year. Note that some jurisdictions have multiple instruments in place. For example, Poland has a carbon tax but is also covered by the EU ETS. Coverage estimates for subnational Mexico carbon taxes are not available—approximate estimates have been included, based on the fuels covered by each instrument.

* Indicates instruments with multiple price levels. Only the main rate is shown for these instruments.


Share of global greenhouse gas emissions covered by ETSs or Carbon taxes over time (% of global GHG emissions)

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