Launched in May 2017, the Carbon Pricing Dashboard is an interactive online platform that provides up-to-date information on existing and emerging carbon pricing initiatives around the world. It builds on the data and analyses of the annual State and Trends of Carbon Pricing report series.

The Carbon Pricing Dashboard was developed by the World Bank Group with the help of Navigant and ICAP and, is supported by the CPLC.

This interactive tool complements World Bank Group activities to advance well-designed carbon pricing systems around the world:

  • The Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR): Created in 2011, the PMR supports countries to assess, prepare, and implement carbon pricing instruments to scale up greenhouse gas mitigation. It also serves as a platform for countries to share knowledge and work together to shape the future of cost-effective climate change mitigation.
  • The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC): Launched in 2015, the CPLC brings together leaders from government, business and civil society, with the goal of putting in place effective carbon pricing policies that maintain competitiveness, create jobs, encourage innovation, and deliver meaningful emissions reductions.
  • The Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol (MAAP): the MAAP is an online interface tool that establishes a transparent and independent framework to help governments, project developers, investors and other relevant stakeholders to design, assess and compare the relative risks and performance of mitigation efforts across the globe.

The International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) Secretariat supports the Carbon Pricing Dashboard by providing the latest data for mandatory cap-and-trade systems—building off the ICAP ETS Map. ICAP is an international forum for governments and public authorities that have implemented or are planning to implement emissions trading systems (ETS). Founded in 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal and now counting more than 35 jurisdictions from four continents among its Members and Observers, ICAP facilitates the exchange of experience and best practices among jurisdictions, with a view to aiming to improve collaboration and support in the gradual alignment and linking of domestic carbon markets. 

The Carbon Pricing Dashboard is regularly updated with verified information on a regular basis, but please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions.



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